Selecting an ABA Provider

Selecting an ABA Provider

When selecting a new ABA provider is paramount that parents find a provider they feel safe, comfortable with and heard by. It is also important that parents trust their gut when making this decision. 

Unfortunately, not every provider is the right fit for every family based on professional philosophies presented by the center and more importantly, the personal goals and parenting philosophies of the parents. Parents should tour more than one facility before making a final decision of where to send their child for ABA services. 

At A&C Behavioral Solutions, we always recommend that a parent come to tour our center. During this process, we encourage parents to feel very safe to ask us questions as well as, share their personal story and goals for their child.  

There are several questions that parents should consider asking during any tour. If you forget to ask, always remember that you can reach out to your prospective provider once the tour is over. The company should be very open to walk you through every step of the therapeutic process.   

The top 10 recommended questions include:  

  1. Do you take my insurance?
  2. Will I have any out-of-pocket expenses?


  3. What materials will I need to send for my child to have services take place in the center? |


  4. What are all of the steps that have to take place before my child can start services?


  5. How long does it take to complete those steps? 


  6. How do you decide how many hours per week a child should be seen for treatment? What happens if we disagree on how many hours are necessary?


  7. How and why are treatment goals selected? 


  8. Who do you feel is in charge of the therapeutic team?


  9. Does your agency have BCBAs, BCaBAs or Behavior Consultants working on their degree guiding the therapists?


  10. How often will my child have an assessment? 

We wish you the very best in your search of an exceptional ABA center! Should you wish to have a tour of A&C Behavioral Solutions, please contact Alicia Butcher at (734) 474-2958. We are just one phone call away! 

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