Letter from the CEO: A&C response and beginning actions over the tragic death of George Floyd

The racially, culturally and religiously diverse team of A&C Behavioral Solutions stands with the Black community and in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. We stand hand-in-hand with our Black patients, employees and fellow community members in outrage over the tragic death of George Floyd and too many other precious lives. The long-standing and sickening racial injustices and racially-biased murders in America and throughout the world must end.

As the CEO, I have reaffirmed my open-door policy with my employees to talk about, and most importantly, to see, hear, listen and learn from them about racial, cultural and other forms of injustice. We are in the process of forming a Diversity Panel geared toward regular discussion, followed by action, on how we can do better as a company in the area of teaching our clients about diversity. Our mission will be to teach our clients how to respond to emergency personnel, stand for their rights as human beings, love their uniqueness as human beings, and to work with parents on educating their children on culture and race. We will be supplying our employees with apparel in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and all forms of diversity. We will begin to offer Juneteenth as a paid holiday in 2021. These three actions are just the beginning of our own company-wide movement against racial and other forms of injustice. 

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others murdered because of their skin color. We believe in love and peace. We believe in equality. We will do more and do better as an agency to ensure that these lives are not forgotten.

Alicia Butcher
CEO, A&C Behavioral Solutions